CarBuzz Real or Fake: Crazy Rental Cars


Chrysler 200, there's no room for you on this list.

For the vast majority of us, rental cars don't get much nuttier than heated seats and an upgrade from cramped two-door to slightly less cramped four-door. That being said, there are quite a few crazy rental cars out there if you know where to look. Featured below are four atypical rental cars, three of which are 100 percent real. One is complete bogus and cannot be rented no matter how many confirmation emails you bring up. As always, check them out and leave your best guess in the comment section.

When the Swiss go on vacation, it's not enough to just set the alarm and leave a light on. No, the way they deter burglars is by renting police cars. One enterprising businessman has a small fleet of cars with a Swiss police livery that he'll leave parked in front of your house for $270 a week. It all started as a gag newspaper ad to promote a rental car company, but interest was so high that it became a fully-fledged cottage industry.

If you think something looks off about this Batman Tumbler, you're right. This knockoff was created by a Chinese prop maker who actively rents it out. If you live in China you can rent a Tumbler that cannot be driven (no drivetrain) but will look badass parked in your driveway. While that sounds like a raw deal, the owner of this knockoff reportedly rakes in $10,000 per month when business is booming.

Remember when Justin Bieber was arrested for racing a yellow Lamborghini? Chances are you aren't a teenage girl and therefore you do not. Anywho, the Biebs was actually in a rented Lambo when busted, and you can also rent it, provided you're in Miami and have $1,700 to blow. That's right, you can sit where Bieber sat and adjust the seat to fit where Bieber fit.

Dartz doesn't have a strong presence in America, unless you count making the pages of our car websites and blogs every few months. The outrageous automaker is trying to change that with a boutique rental program set to debut next year. The company will rent out several of its insane SUVs to prospective buyers in an attempt to make a sale and bring in good PR. In true Dartz fashion the company plans to debut its program in Chicago due to the city's well-publicized issues with gun violence to show off its cars.

A Swiss entrepreneur does rent police car replicas to equally clever Swiss vacationers. You can make your event in China that much better by renting a stationary Tumbler. If you're absolutely stupid enough and have money to burn, you can rent the car that Bieber got arrested for street racing in. That's right, Dartz's business is doing just fine selling to the super-elite, thus having no need for a US based car rental program. And with previous offerings of whale skin penis for the interior and free guns with any vehicle purchase, they seem to be doing well in the PR department as well.

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