CarBuzz Real or Fake: Insane Car Coverings


Cars covered in dentures, human hair and much, much more.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a tired cliche that doesn't mean much when it comes to cars. It's all too easy to go overboard in the name of "creativity" or "artistic expression" when customizing your ride. The cars featured below are the perfect example of people going crazy in an attempt to stand out. Although all four of the cars seen here may seem too nuts to be real, only one is BS (aka not real). Check them out and leave your best guess in the comment section.

If you don't know what Nyan Cat is, Google it right now. After you've watched it then you'll get just why this Nissan GT-R looks the way it does. The supercar was given this colorful, meme-inspired wrap for the Gumball 3000 rally where it was driven by EDM producer and DJ Deadmau5. The GT-R is one of the most badass cars around, but even it looks a little suspect when covered in rainbow kitties.

When Subarus are put out to pasture, they aren't parked under trees in the middle of nowhere as some commercials would have you think. No, they're reborn as art cars, just like the Chewbaru. Rex Rosenberg covered his old ride in 140 pounds of dentures, along with mannequin parts, toothpaste tubes and other crazy items. The end result is either hit or miss, with some folks calling it art and others deeming it disgusting.

Do you ever wonder what barbers do with all that extra hair? Most throw it out, but some put it on their Fiat 500s. Maria Lucia Mugno covered her Italian microcar inside and out with human hair after a friend bet her she couldn't do it (seriously). The end result is a car that looks to be covered in yarn but is actually covered in the finest imported hair India has to offer.

CL Auto took a perfectly good Lamborghini Aventador and covered it in black snakeskin. Snakeskin on top of a supercar alone might look terrible and tasteless, but the blue chrome is a nice complement and the two together look surprisingly good. You've got to wonder just how many snakes had to die to make this custom Lamborghini a reality.

If you thought covering a car in hair was a fashion faux paux, you're wrong. PETA may have Pamela Anderson but that didn't stop CL Auto from swathing an Aventador in black snakeskin. Lovers of "art" will be happy to know the Chewbaru is real. Nissan never made Deadmau5 a Nyan Cat GT-R. He owned a 458 Italia with the same wrap, but Ferrari sent him a cease and desist order (the custom "Purrari" emblem got under the company's skin) which forced him to strip and sell the car. Nissan mocked up said GT-R simply for laughs and ended up winning the day.

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