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And you thought your deductible was nuts.

Insurance craziness is a two way street. Both companies and customers do some pretty insane and crappy stuff, which is likely why every single car in Russia comes equipped with a dashcam. Unfortunately there are no examples of Russians behaving badly among all of these insane insurance stories, but rest assured there is plenty of ridiculousness. As always, three of these stories are real while one is completely false. Leave your best guess as to what story is complete crap in the comment section.

Automakers like to lure customers in with discounts and cash rebates, but Volkswagen upped the ante when it offered free insurance to drivers in the UK for one year. Those who purchased an Up!, Polo or Beetle had a chance (there were disqualifiers) at a year of free comprehensive insurance. So much for 15 minutes saving you money.

Remember that time "Top Gear" drove a Toyota Hilux (Tacoma) to the North Pole? What the episode didn't show you was the insane amount of legal wrangling it took to insure the truck. The fact that two of the UK's biggest television personalities were driving to the North Pole rocketed the cost of insuring the Hilux to 3 million pounds, or $4.6 million USD. No word on how much it cost to insure Richard Hammond's dogsled.

If you're going to pull insurance fraud, you might as well go all out. That was the thinking of one man who purposefully crashed his Bugatti Veyron into the Gulf Bay in Texas. The idea was sound: Buy the Veyron for $1 million and insure it for $2.2 million. Unfortunately the execution was off, and a passing motorist recorded the Veyron driving right into the water.

PURE Insurance raised the bar for evildoings when it tried to recoup damages to a BMW from the family of a dead grandmother. The BMW in question struck and killed the 70-year-old woman, and the company issued her family a bill for $6,245.09 for repairs. After being called out by the New York Post the company issued a swift apology.


So, what story set off your BS detector? It's true that VW did offer free insurance to UK drivers purchasing select models. A Veyron owner did get busted purposefully wrecking his ride, and the video of the crash is awesome. That means that "Top Gear" paid a fortune to a Hilux, or that PURE Insurance is evil. When in doubt, assume the worst about a company. That's right, PURE Insurance did try to get money from a dead grandma's family.


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