CarBuzz Real Or Fake: Insanely Expensive Speeding Tickets


These people probably should have just ran from the cops.

Getting a speeding ticket sucks, but usually the fine isn't outrageous. OK, a couple hundred bucks (is that what it is?) and points on your license aren't anything to laugh at. Still, it could be worse. This edition of CarBuzz Real or Fake features contains four stories about insanely expensive speeding tickets. As always three of these stories are completely legit and one is nothing but bull crap. It's up to you to spot the phony. Leave your best guess in the comments and as always please don't spoil the fun by using Google.


For some people fighting a speeding ticket in court is a smart choice. That being said, you're bound to lose when you ask an officer who clocked you doing 101 mph to knock it down to 98 mph. This particular stunt was pulled by a man in Wales, and when he didn't get his way he decided to fight his ticket in court. He argued that the speed camera that pinged him was inaccurate, so the prosecution rented an airfield and Audi R8 to run an independent test. Long story short: The driver had to pay $17,000 for both the fine and test costs. Ouch.

There are very few places where you can go 215 mph in a Nissan GT-R. Kansas sure as hell isn't one of them. To be fair the state has a lot of flat and lonely roads but that doesn't mean they aren't being vigilantly watched. The person who received this ticket was clocked on radar doing 160 mph over the legal limit of 55 mph. Now what kind of punishment does that speed warrant? Try a $2,255 ticket. It sounds like this GT-R owner got off easy to us.

You don't put a Suzuki Hayabusa engine into a Smart car because you want to go slow. Of course you also shouldn't think that just because you drive a pint-sized city car cops won't nab you for speeding. The owner of this converted Smart was dinged for doing 120 mph on a freeway with a speed limit of 65 mph. Ironically enough he was headed to the track at the time. The driver unsurprisingly had a history of speeding and that coupled with going 55 mph over the posted limit led to a fine of $1,700.

The speeding ticket handed out to one Finnish millionaire makes all of these other fines look like nothing. You see, Finland calculates speeding tickets based on an individual's income, meaning the more you make the more you pay. So how much did this ticket cost? How does about $200,000 sound? Being a millionaire certainly has its perks in that you can afford to buy any car you want. Just make sure you drive carefully when you're in Finland or you might find yourself selling your Ferrari to pay for your Lamborghini's speeding ticket.

If you thought the R8 story was completely bogus, well you were wrong. Mr. David Pickup of Wales was the unfortunate recipient of that $17,000 fine. The Nissan GT-R story also happened as well. There's even a totally not Photoshoped (we hope) photo of the ticket to prove it! So, was it a Smart car with a Hayabusa engine that's the lie or is it the $200,000 ticket given out in Finland? Amazingly Jussi Salonoja was ticketed almost $200,000 for speeding, the fine based on his income the previous year. Don't feel too bad for him, though, as he made almost $10 million the year before. For those who thought a Smart was capable of doing anything at speed, shame on you.

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