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Which one of these limousines stretches the truth too far?

Most normal people don't pay attention to news in the limousine world because most normal people rarely ride in limos. In a nutshell: the industry is in a perpetual arms race where every and any thing on four wheels is stretched and filled with swanky seats and televisions. This leads to a lot of nutty creations, such as the ones seen below. Three out of the four limos shown here are real, but one is a big fat phony. Check them out and let us know if you can separate the genuine articles from the fake in the comments section.

Cars for Stars is a ridiculously named company with an even more ridiculous limo in its garage, a stretched Lamborghini Aventador. Although it may burn your eyes, the Aventador limo actually sounds like a pretty fun car to ride in. Imagine the thrill of cruising around in a Lamborghini, only now it has televisions mounted in it and a champagne bar. Cars for Stars doesn't list a rental price, and if you have to ask you probably can't afford it anyway.

Many moons ago, someone turned the Ferrari 400i into a limousine. While it's no Aventador limousine, the stretch 400i is still impressive, that is if you got in a time machine and headed back to the 1980s to see it. While time may have tarnished its glory it also did a good job at slashing its price tag. The Ferrari 400i limo was last seen being sold on Craigslist for $25,000.

Don't tell Clarkson, Hammond, or May, but there is such a thing as a Dacia Duster Limo. A team of 23 students added 59 inches to the Duster, along with a television and an Android tablet. Going off-road may be out of the question now, but at least you can tour your Romanian potato farm in style.


Shia LaBeouf might have had a better chance at destroying the Decepticons had he driven a Bumblebee Camaro Limo. A team from Perth, Australia, stretched this limo and added all of the essentials. Neon, lights, scissor and gullwing doors-it's all there.

Think back to prom night and/or your wedding day. Do any of these limos look familiar? If you called BS on the Bumblebee Camaro limousine you're likely a Decepticon. It's real, same with the Dacia Duster limo and the stretched Ferrari 400i. Unfortunately, the world just isn't ready for a Lamborghini Aventador limo. Cars for Stars says it could build one with the right funding, but no one has ponied up the cash as of yet. Perhaps that's for the best.

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