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CarBuzz Real or Fake: Road Trip!

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No stop November is officially upon us.

Most road trip stories involve a bit of truth stretching. Beasting it from Florida to Vegas for New Year's Eve with no stops. A near Mexican cop shake down before you remembered enough high school Spanish to talk yourself out of a "ticket." Point is, most road trip tales contain a bit of BS, but the stories below aren't normal. These epic road trips covered thousands of miles and occasionally multiple countries. Remember as you read that three of these stories are real and one is a load of crap. As always, don't cheat and leave your guess as to which one is fake in the comments.

When the Peel P50 first debuted, no one knew what to think. It was small, had no reverse gear and looked like it would tip over if you so much as sneezed on it. Regardless, that didn't stop Jeremy Sheffield from taking it on an epic road trip across the UK in 1963. The trip started in Aberdeen (Scotland) and ended in Plymouth, England. Jeremy got a spot on the front page of The Times for his effort and not much else. On a map the trip may not look that impressive, but remember that the first P50 had a top speed of 38 mph and was advertised as fitting "one adult and a shopping bag."

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How many states have you ever driven through in a day? If you live on the East Coast, don't answer. In Europe, long distance driving is measured in countries, not states. A group of three Norwegians successfully hit 19 countries in an insane 24-hour road trip that started in Eastern Europe. Yes, pee bottles were used and stops were made; they made sure to stand in each country. How does your drive down I-95 look now?

Would you be able to spend 26 years in the car with your wife? One man did, racking up over 500,000 miles on an epic road trip that started in Africa but grew to include just about every country on Earth. The 77-year-old, appropriately named Gunther, recently ended his marathon journey; but not before he drove his Mercedes G Wagon into history, becoming one of the most accomplished travelers of all-time.

Electric cars aren't exactly known as road warriors. In fact, they'd likely be the last car you'd pick to take a road trip in, unless you like the idea of asking a gas station attendant if you can borrow a power outlet for eight hours. Norman Hajjar took his Tesla Model S on a 12,000 mile journey that included multiple stops to juice up the battery. The trip earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest electric road trip. Hurray?

So, were you able to spot the real from the fake? Shame on you if you doubted the stamina and will of Norwegian hyper-drivers. Gunther from Germany actually did complete his epic road trip with his wife, turning his G Wagon into a legendary shaggin' wagon in the process. While though you'd expect the battery of an electric car to catch fire or die after 1,000 miles, Norman successfully pushed his Model S to do 12,000 miles over 24 days. That means the epic P50 road trip never was. Did you really think that someone could spend more than an hour in that thing?