CarBuzz Real or Fake: "Special Edition" Edition

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Can you guess which of these cars isn't special enough to make the cut?

It seems like a new special edition graces the pages of CarBuzz every single day. Some have awesome stories or inspirations behind them while others simply make you scratch your head. Below are four special edition autos inspired by everything from permanent markers to movie stars. Three of these special editions are real, while one is faker than the Loch Ness Monster. As always, you pick the phony and let us know in the poll and comment section.

Car companies do a lot to prove loyalty to countries. They make special editions of cars for a country's biggest movie star, for example. Lamborghini did just that for Jackie Chan, creating a one-off Aventador for China that may or may not have been able to do its own stunts. No word on when or not Chris Tucker will ever get his own Lambo.

Texas loves its college football and trucks, so it only makes sense that Chevy would make a custom Silverado to appeal to leatherheads. The University of Texas Silverado came complete in the school's burnt orange and white color scheme and longhorn decals. Yet another reason for recruits to commit to the Longhorns.


Hertz and Penske have a surprisingly long and tight relationship, as evidenced by this special edition Mustang created for the rental car company. That's right, a limited run of Mustangs was created only to be rented. Penske put some power into these as well, re-tuning the engine, adding a new intake and exhaust as well as new brakes.

Permanent markers and cars are usually only mentioned in the same breath when you're talking vandalism…or art. Chevy and Sharpie collaborated on a limited run of art Camaros with a fairly creative set of stripes. Only 10 were made and they all sold out almost as soon as the ink dried.


Which one did you end up thinking was a special edition of mierda? If you thought Lamborghini wouldn't pander so hard to Chinese consumers, think again. Yes, fans of UT can actually drive around in a truck telling everyone how awesome their college is. Hertz and Penske are super tight, and that means those special rental Mustangs are legit. That means the Chevy and Sharpie match was never made. Sorry, art lovers.


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