CarBuzz Real Or Fake: The Most Unbelievable Daily Drivers

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Some of these cars make your daily look like crap. Some don't.

For many people there isn't much of a difference between their daily driver and their project car, aside from the fact that one runs. For others their Sunday car is drastically different than their daily but the gulf between the two isn't super wide. Forget all of that, though, because we've found some truly crazy daily drivers for this edition of CarBuzz Real or Fake. Remember, three of daily drivers here are completely legit and one is just made up. Leave your best guess in the comments (answer at the end) and no cheating!


College football coaches aren't known for leading flashy lifestyles. But Nick Saban is one of the most successful coaches the game has ever seen and The University of Alabama pays him as such. Saban has bucked the trend of college coaches driving crappy cars by daily driving a Mercedes-AMG GT S to practice. It's probably a lot easier for kids to listen to a coach who preaches success when the car he drives packs a 4.0-liter V8 good for 503 horsepower.

Most high school students drive crappy econoboxes or secondhand cars that are beat to hell. Some drive BMWs and shiny new trucks but those kids are the exception. The exception to the exception is this 17-year-old girl who daily drives a 1,300-horsepower Camaro. Of course the engine has been modified to push those numbers, with a twin-turbo system now sitting inside. And as you'd expect she drag races her Camaro, which definitely makes her the coolest kid at her high school and at any high school in the country.

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YouTube star Salomndrin is known for his love of and ownership of supercars. But, as we've seen before supercars make pretty bad daily drivers. That's why Salomondrin daily drives a five-door Mazda3. The reasons behind his choice are practical ones and concern fuel economy and comfort. We don't think the Mazda3 is an awful car at all but we won't be shocked if this YouTube star drops his like a bad habit when/if Mazda ever makes a Mazdaspeed version.


If you're Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg you can afford to daily drive whatever the hell you want. Of course the tech billionaire can also wear whatever the hell he wants yet his closet isn't that impressive. That mundane case in clothes probably explains why Zuckerberg daily drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI. We're not really mad at him for this choice either, especially since his is a manual! Of course he could also do a bit better…as in Golf R better.

Could you figure out which daily driver was a fake? If you guessed that a 17-year-old girl wasn't "man enough" to drive or race a 1,300-horsepower Camaro then you were dead wrong. Yeah, the car she built is better than anything in your garage. You may hate Nick Saban for coaching Alabama but you'll hate him even more because he does indeed drive an AMG GT S to practice. Now we're down to two. Is Salomondrin and his Mazda3 the phony or is it Zuckerberg and his GTI? Despite having more money than some third world countries Mark Zuckerberg does daily drive a VW GTI. We don't know what Salomondrin drives on the daily but we're guessing it's no longer his custom Pagani.

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