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How much would you pay for a car that does 0 to guardrail in under 3 seconds?

What would you pay for a wrecked supercar? That's not a question many people get asked, but that doesn't mean wrecked supercars aren't hot sellers. If you think Asian sedans retain their retail value then wait until you try and buy a totaled Lamborghini or Ferrari. This edition of CarBuzz Real or Fake asks you to guess what people would pay for wrecked supercars. Remember that one of the cars featured below is complete bogus. Yes, it was wrecked but the auction price is made up. As always leave your best guess in the comment section.

A Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante for $67,000 is a sweet deal if you can get around the fact that someone (likely) almost died driving it. The window is completely smashed, the hood has seen better days and the airbags deployed but at least the back is looking good. The better news is that after you spend $67,000 to buy it you only need to drop an estimated $162,000 more to get it looking and working as good as new.


The best way to knock a few bucks off a Bugatti Veyron is to smash it through a guardrail and then let it fall 40 feet. That strategy isn't for the faint of heart/law abiding, but it did get this Veyron down to a more affordable $267,000 bucks after the insurance company declared it totaled. The good news is that the cabin looks fine, so even if you can't drive it you can always sit inside and wonder what could have been.

For starters, no one died in this Lamborghini Huracan crash. The supercar's corpse would suggest otherwise, but amazingly both driver and passenger walked away. After collecting on insurance they decided to turn another buck by selling what remained of the charred Huracan for $1,000 to Dirk Skreber, a German artist known for his amazing car crash sculptures and paintings. And the rich get richer, all in the name of art.

Finally, an affordable Ferrari for the masses! This wrecked F50 was put up for auction starting at just $5,000. The bad news is that the front end is totaled, but the good news is that it's mid-engine! This price is a steal as the F50 reportedly got a new engine put in at 54,000 miles (61,000 on it total). Add in that new front end, and you've got a practically new Ferrari for a bargain price.

Have you started opening credit cards and scouring the Internet for wrecked supercars yet? Before you start splurging just note that you will need at least $67,000 to buy a totaled Gallardo Spyder Performante. Also, a Veyron is still a Veyron and as such will set you back over a quarter of a million, even after a 40-foot fall. So, is the toasted Huracan or the budget Ferrari a fake? Ferrari fans, you're in luck as wrecked F50s seem to go for relatively cheap while toasted Huracans can't even be sold to artists.

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