CarBuzz Trivia: Biggest Auto Recall in History

GM is catching hell for its ignition switches, but does it earn the top spot?

It seems like no matter how advanced technology gets, automakers will still find ways to mess things up. Even automakers that claim “safety” and “reliability” as big assets inevitably fall victim to the dreaded mass recall. With so many automakers making mistakes, it’s got to make you wonder: Which company holds the record for the biggest recall ever? You’ll only be quizzed on the automaker, but feel free to guess both the company and amount of cars recalled. As always, no cheating and leave your answer(s) in the comment section.

If you guessed an American automaker, you were right! Ford holds the dubious distinction for the largest auto recall in history when every one of its cars made from 1976 to 1980 was recalled. That’s a staggering 21 million cars. The issue was a big one as well, with the transmissions slipping from “Park” to “Reverse” just because. GM, if you need some help with damage control you might want to try reminding people of how bad things could be instead of how bad they are.

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