CarBuzz Trivia: What Is The First Car Pininfarina And Ferrari Collaborated On?


How much do you know about the history of this legendary relationship?

It's more or less impossible to think of Pininfarina without thinking of Ferrari (and vice versa). The two companies have been joined at the hip for what seems like forever. That being said, every relationship has to start somewhere, right? So, what was the first car Ferrari and Pininfarina collaborated on? Dust off your Italian automotive history book and leave your best guess in the comment section. Bonus points, or half credit, if you can guess the year the collaboration began.

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Ferrari superfans likely considered this question a slam dunk. Casual fans, you're forgiven for having such a hard time figuring it out. The first car Pininfarina and Ferrari collaborated on was the Ferrari 212 Inter and the relationship began over a tense meeting in 1951. Sergio Pininfarina, the man the Ferrari Sergio is named after, ended up quarterbacking the majority of Ferrari's design work.

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