CarBuzz Trivia: What’s the Best Black Friday Car Deal?

Forget electronics and clothes, car dealerships are where it’s at come Black Friday.

Cars were not on the top of most people’s Black Friday shopping list last week. Auto dealers go all-out during the holiday season, but rarely is the “December to Remember Event” (thanks for that catchy title, Lexus) begun in a frenzy the day after Thanksgiving. Still, there are amazing deals to be had at car lots around the country come Black Friday, but what’s the best deal around? Hint: Think rock-bottom prices and then go lower. As always, leave your best guess in the comment section and then scroll down for the answer.

What did you set your Black Friday budget at? If you went as low as $1,000 or $100 then you were wrong. That’s right, Sterling McCall Toyota of Houston has been running a Black Friday deal since 2008 where three used cars on the lot are sold for $1 each. It works like this: You show up before the lot opens at 9:00 am and sit in a car you want. When the lot opens, all Black Friday prices are revealed and the person in the driver’s seat gets first dibs on the car (passenger seat gets second), which is hopefully priced at $1. Beat that, Walmart.

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