CarBuzz Trivia: What Was The First Production Car To Conquer Antarctica?


Here's a hint: Don't overthink.

A Dutch actress, Manon Ossevoort, recently made headlines for traveling to the South Pole in a tractor. That's cool, but have you ever wondered what production car first conquered Antarctica? Many cars made it to the continent but crapped out shortly thereafter. However, one production car stood alone for its ability to ferry scientists and explorers around without breaking down. As always, leave your best guess in the comment section. Bonus points if you can name the year said car made it to Antarctica.

No, it wasn't a one-off off-roader that managed to conquer Antarctica or something out of the DARPA labs. It was a Volkswagen Beetle! That's right, a 1963 bug was the first production car to conquer Antarctica and it did so using no real major modifications. It was brought to the frozen continent by a team of Australians and did so well that VW took it rallying upon its return to The Land Down Under. You'd think such a famous car would be in a museum, but the whereabouts of "The Red Terror" are currently unknown.

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