Care To Guess How Much New Jaguar XJ220 Tires Are Going To Cost?


When it comes to supercars you really can't put a price on tires.

We spend a lot of time celebrating old supercars and not much time thinking about how much of a pain in the ass they are to keep running. Can you blame us? Who wants to write about how hard parts are to source? Take, for example, the Jaguar XJ220. It’s only 25 years of age but if you want to buy new tires for it you can’t. We know this because Bridgestone just announced that it’s working with Don Law to create a new run of rubbers for the XJ220. Right now you might be wondering who Don Law is. That’s perfectly fine as you probably don’t own an XJ220.

If you did then you would know the British outfit, which specializes in repairing Jag’s iconic supercar from the ‘90s. Don Law has been re-manufacturing out of stock parts for the XJ220 since 1998 and in 2008 it bought all the remaining OEM parts from Jag. So yeah, the folks there know what they’re doing. In its announcement, Bridgestone said that the XJ220’s chief engineer and test driver would be working on the new tires. To ensure things go well, a pre-production chassis 004 is being pulled out of storage. The XJ220 has 255/45 ZR17s up front and 345/35 ZR18s in back; the “Z” means the tires are rated for speeds of 149 mph and above.

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There’s no word on how much these new tires will cost. We’re willing to bte they won’t be cheap but we’re also betting that owners of the XJ220 won’t care to even look at the price. How many of these cars do you think are still wearing original rubber? One is too many if you ask us. How is the XJ220 supposed to hit its top speed of 217 mph if its tires are a quarter of a century old?