Careful When Parking that BMW M6

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Too much money - driving skills + losing your head = crash

It's something we all learn in driver's ed: parallel parking. Granted it's not always the easiest thing for beginner drivers to master, but with enough practice everyone should be able to get it down sooner or later. Not this guy. When attempting to show off his V10-powered BMW M6 with a handbrake-turn parking maneuver, his aim was way off and he ended up crashing into another parked car and a motorcycle (which then knocked over its rider). Take note of the applause coming from the crowd.

Instead of learning how to handle his car, this idiot pulled off a huge fail that'll cost him dearly to repair, and likely even more to insure.

The best part, however, may be that this particular instance of hoonage gone wrong was captured from two different angles, so check 'em both out and try not to laugh your ass off.

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