Careless Driver Sends Murcielago into a Ditch

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This time the idiot was driving a different car, but that doesn't make this good news.

The big problem with supercars is that most of the time all it takes to buy one is money, with no guarantee the new owner will possess the skill needed to handle all that excess power. We have therefore sadly become all too familiar with images of crashed supercars resulting from an owner with no concept of how far he has extended his right foot. But although the pictures here might look like more of the same, it's actually another driver who is to blame.

This accident was caused by that other big problem in owning a supercar, all of those other idiots on the road. The Lamborghini Murcielago swerved to avoid hitting another car which had cut it off on the highway outside of Oostende, in Belgium and ended up in the ditch. Since the Belgians haven't taken to the idea of the dash cam quite as readily as the Russians have, we don't have any more detailed information than that, but a wrecked Lambo is bad news no matter what the context. Remember to drive carefully, kids, there are a lot of idiots out there.

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