Carkour: The Idiotic Art of Jumping on Cars

You may think this is cool, you may think this is stupid. But sooner or later this guy is going to get run over, whether on purpose or by accident.

You may have heard of Parkour, also known as freestyle running, that bat-shit crazy extreme sport where participants jump off, over and through large objects like walls, railings and buildings. It's a bit like skateboarding, only without the skateboard. Now one guy, clearly a student of the discipline, has modified the activity (we dare not call it a sport) by jumping all over cars on the street. Calling it "carkour", he simply walks out into the middle of an intersection and does his thing.

Watching the video below, we can't help but wonder how this guy is still alive. Of course we wish him no harm, but some motorist - or a moving car - might be prone to demonstrate otherwise.

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