Carl Renezeder Tears Up An Indoor Go-Kart Track With A V8 Racing Truck

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You don't learn how to race one of these things to obey all the rules now do you?

While it may not be the first thing the designers of this indoor go-kart track had in mind when drawing up plans and building it, it's certainly the dream of every kart racer who has sat in their electrified go-karts wishing for more power. That dream, of course, would be tearing up the small indoor track in a truly over the top off-road racing truck, one that happens to be skillfully driven by professional off-road racer Carl Renezeder. The poor small arena doesn't even know what hit it.

To partake in a bit of shameless promotion, K1 Speed, the company that owns the track, put Renezeder at the helm of his Lucas Oil Off-Road racing truck and set him loose inside their Carlsbad, California race track to run a few laps.

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Even if there's not much room to allow the truck to fully extend its legs, Renezeder has more than enough skill and the truck has enough power to drift around and let the angry sounding V8 engine echo off the walls. It must have been a sight to behold and an epic experience to be behind the wheel, and we're thankful to bear witness to this go-kart track anomaly through the magic of YouTube.

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