Gold & Mint Edition Mercedes-AMG G63 Takes A Month To Make

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The Gold & Mint Edition is a minty fresh take on the world's favorite status symbol.

Carlex Design has revealed its take on the Mercedes-AMG G63, dubbing the resultant creation the Gold & Mint Edition.

The opulent SUV features no performance upgrades, but that's okay because the G63's 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 produces 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. Modified G-Wagens are usually focused on style anyway, and this example is sure to grab attention wherever it goes, thanks to a color scheme that is just as wacky on the inside as it is outside.

The entire body has been repainted in a mint-colored pastel hue that is contrasted by carbon fiber accents, the most notable of which is a new replacement grille panel. The spare wheel cover on the rear door is also made of the lightweight material.

Carlex Design Carlex Design

The badges are now presented in a gloss black finish, while 23-inch Carlex Design wheels fill the arches with styling that we can't help but associate with Rolls-Royce rims. Not that we're complaining - the look works.

As unusual as the exterior is, the cabin turns things up to 11 with a matching color scheme that sees the front and rear seats, the dashboard, the center console, the armrests, the side panels, the steering wheel, and even the trunk door recovered in more mint-colored goodness.

The same color appears on the pillars and the headliner, as well as the sun visors, but here you get Alcantara upholstery for a more premium feel. Carbon fiber is scattered throughout the cabin, but it's certainly not here to save weight on a vehicle that weighs over 5,800 pounds.

Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design

All of this costs a scandalous €51,300, or a little more than $54,000. That excludes the six-figure asking price of the G63 you need to own before commissioning such a build, although you may be able to save a big chunk of change on the used market.

Once you have your new G63, you'll need to be patient. This conversion takes around a month to complete, but as Carlex has shown so many times before, you're not waiting for just any tuning job - the quality of this company's upholstery work is good enough to rival boutique Italian automakers.

Still, should you spend $54k on a conversion that could double as an advertisement for Listerine?

Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design

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