Carlex Design Has Turned The GT-R Into A Shiny Chrome Spaceship


Because who doesn't like a shiny car?

Carlex Design may specialize in making some incredible interiors, but the tuning company is back with another bold project that has more than just a fancy interior. The tuning company has fitted the aging Nissan GT-R with a bespoke body kit and a bright chrome wrap. Thanks to Carlex Design, people will have a hard time missing this GT-R on the road. The chrome exterior is accented by black touches on the roof, hood, rear wing, and trunk lid. Referred to as the Robin, this supercar is quite the looker.

While the exterior may not be to everyone's taste, the supercar's interior is astounding. The stock GT-R isn't recognized for having a Spartan interior, but the supercar isn't known for being the standard in luxury either. Carlex Design has changed that with a combination of black Alcantara and contrasting light gray and red leather. Forget looking like a supercar: this GT-R's interior is more reminiscent of a spaceship's. Carlex Design utilized silver flakes on the door handles, gear shift knob, dials, air intakes and on the speakers' cover trim. Carbon fiber can also be found throughout the GT-R's interior, which highlights the tuning company's luxurious capabilities. The GT-R Robin is a sure way to add some life into the aging supercar.

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