Carlex Design Riches-Up the Mercedes S-Class

Because anything that isn't covered in gold simply has to go.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class may be the luxury automaker’s flagship sedan – and is widely considered one of the most luxurious autos in production today – but as we already know, some customers are never satisfied with what everyone else has. Clients like these often turn to Polish aftermarket detailer Carlex Design, famous for its alligator leather-upholstered, gold-trimmed and otherwise over-the-top interior fitting offered to the world’s most gaudy customers.

Now, the firm has released these preview images for its take on the 2014 Mercedes S-Class interior. Many interior components have been replaced with 24K gold-trimmed ones. The car’s upholstery has been replaced with dark brown and light brown leather of a higher grade, which has also been applied to the dashboard, doors and even the floor mats. Finally, Carlex’s signature crocodile leather – this time in black – covers parts of the seats, dash and center console.

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