Lamborghini Urus Gets Eye-Popping Makeover By Carlex Design

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The Racing Green and Pearl White paint are a divine match.

The Lamborghini Urus already stands out, but aftermarket tuner Carlex Design has gone to work with an insane paint job and a custom exterior to crank everything up a few notches. There's a crazy amount of exterior detail in Carlex Design's modification beyond the selective hand-brushed Racing Green paint (an original finish made by the tuner) and 23-inch forged wheels and even more detail inside.

On the exterior, the contrasting paint and choices made with it emphasize the Urus's aggressive lines and features, and Carlex Design has replaced Lamborghini's emblems with its own coat of arms. There's even subtlety in the design, with the windows having a green tint to them.

Carlex Design

Like the exterior, the interior photos have been heavily stylized but the white and green looks to work well on top of the mix of leather wrapped seats, steering wheel, and main trim and Alcantara across the dashboard, doors, and roof lining. The seats include a subtle a fading perforation pattern that Carlex Design says improves air circulation when using seat heating or cooling features. There's also modified floor mats and green carpet under on the floor of the Carlex Design Urus.

Carlex Design
Carlex Design

According to Carlex Design, its fresh take on the Urus is a close collaboration between creative designers from its design studio and master upholsterers and painters. Other companies have gone overboard on the Urus, but the Urus is already an excessive vehicle. To our eye, Carlex has worked with that to create something more attractive rather than adding to make the Urus even more over the top. If anything, the green and white paint reminds us of the old Lotus Cortina standard colors.

It appears the drivetrain has been left untouched, and the current base model makes 657 hp and 627 lb-ft torque, with a not-very-base model feeling zero to 60 mph time of 3.5 seconds.

For whatever reason(s), Carlex Design did not release official pricing for its list of styling modifications. The Urus S itself begins at around $230,000.

Carlex Design
Carlex Design

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