Carlex Jet Van Is The Ultimate Means Of Transportation

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It's like a private jet for the road.

Interior specialist Carlex Design has unveiled a new line of "Jet Vans" under its Carlex Automotive marque, giving those considering a Maybach something else to think about. Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, obviously this thing doesn't fly but it does offer the same environment as a first-class cabin. The ultra-luxurious multimedia bespoke van comes upholstered in high-quality leathers, vintage wood veneer, 24-carat gold-plated trim, and wool carpets.

Ten-inch tablets control the advanced Audiophile 14-speaker surround sound system and 3D screens, while three-layered acoustic soundproofing ensures total silence whenever needed. Electronically-adjusted oversized seats come with a retractable footrest, heating/cooling options and a massage system, aircraft-style tables fold out from the center console, and privacy is ensured thanks to electrically-controlled blinds or curtains.

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