Carlos Ghosn Is Wanted By The French Government

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Ghosn says he's not going anywhere.

The weird, controversial, and wacky saga of ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has a new chapter. The French government would like a word with the man credited for saving the Z car. French investigators have issued international arrest warrants for former Chairman Ghosn, as well as four other parties who allegedly helped him siphon a multi-million dollar sum from Renault. French prosecutors say that the warrants were officially issued on Thursday, the 21st.

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Bloomberg states the warrant targeting Ghosn covers a number of allegations, among them that he used an Omani autos distributor to funnel cash out of Renault. Another charge states Ghosn used corporate funds for personal expenses, like his wife's elaborate birthday party at Versailles. The ex-Nissan boss said the warrant's timing was peculiar, owing to the upcoming French election and the country's debates surrounding executive compensation.

Ghosn told Bloomberg "What's happening to me frankly is a tragedy, you have a masquerade of a justice in Japan and what makes me very sad is that in a certain way France has been an accomplice of it." Ghosn still maintains his innocence in all charges levied at him.

The ex-chairman has also said that he won't be returning to France for any legal proceedings and still has an active warrant out in Japan. Lebanon also won't be sending him anywhere, as he's a Lebanese national, and thus ineligible for extradition.

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Another of the warrants targets Suhail Bahwan, the Omani autos distributor mentioned above. Also finding themselves with targets on their backs are Bahwan's sons and the former general manager of Suhail Bahwan Automobiles. While Ghosn has yet to stand trial, ex-Nissan Director Greg Kelley has been convicted of helping Gohsn to underreport compensation.

The new warrants could potentially affect Renault and Nissan, which are sure to receive some manner of compensation should Ghosn be convicted. Carlos Ghosn is responsible for much of the Nissan we see today, with cars like the previous generation of Nissan Z and Nissan Titan both leaving the factory under his stewardship. Whether Ghosn actually stands trial remains to be seen.

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