Carlsson Gives the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Even More Tuning

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German tuning firm Carlsson shows off their latest treatment to the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

German tuning firm Carlsson made sure to take full advantage of this year's Frankfurt Auto Show. Armed with the assistance of Mercedes-Benz's beautiful four-door coupe, the CLS 63 AMG, Carlsson went all-out in their quest to build the ideal luxury and performance machine. Called the CLS 63 RS, the tuner started with a new aerodynamic package consisting of a new front spoiler and front spoiler lip made of carbon fiber with stainless steel accents.

There's also a carbon fiber rear spoiler and rear diffuser that ensure downforce and more stability at high speeds. The exterior upgrades are rounded off with a set of 20-inch forged light alloy wheels that weight some significantly less than the factory standards. More importantly, however, is what Carlsson has done under the hood. They've enhanced AMG's own Performance Package by increasing output to 649hp and 663 lb-ft of torque, compared to the factory car's 557hp and 590 lb-ft. Carlsson also added a stainless steel sport exhaust system with four oval end pipes to give the car a distinctive sound.

Also included is the tuner's patented C-Tronic Suspension that can provide even better road handling that's combined with the car's standard Airmatic suspension. All told, this suspension drops the car's height by some 30 millimeters. The interior has also given proper attention to the interior with the addition of exclusive Carlsson Mokka Brown Nappa leather covering the front and rear seats and door panels. This leather is supposedly not only extremely soft, but is also resistant to stains and will adapt to body temperatures in cold weather.

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Carbon inserts in the door panels and center console have also been added in addition to illuminated door sill panels and unique Carlsson floor mats. Official pricing hasn't been announced, but it's expected the Carlsson CLS 63 RS will only be available to European buyers.

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