Carlsson Takes On The Mercedes-Benz GL Grand Edition

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Carlsson puts their touch on the GL Grand Edition, along with a heap of their logos.

If the success of a tuner car is measured in the number of times the tuner can affix their logo to it, then you are looking at the greatest tuner car in history. Carlsson has named their Mercedes-Benz GL Grand Edition project car the CGL45, and there is now almost no evidence that it was once a Mercedes. Carlsson logos have replaced the front and rear badging, and extra logos have been added in the door sills, pedals, exhaust tips, headrests and even the door pins.

There is also a new chrome grille, front spoiler with LED running lights, rear skirt and exhaust tips. It has a 30mm lowering and a new set of 22-inch wheels. There is a new Alcantara interior, but Carlsson also offers several other interior options. For the V6, power has been upped to 310hp and the V8's power can be bumped up to 435hp, about a 15% for each.

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