Carlsson Thinks This Is The Perfect Mercedes S-Class Convertible


That pistachio paint job makes us think otherwise.

Whether you interpret the word “Diospyros” as “divine fruit or the “wheat of Zeus” eccentric German tuner Carlsson certainly thinks its interpretation of the S-Class Cabrio deserves god-like status. However, there’s nothing saintly about the pistachio body color Carlsson dubs “Heritage Green” even if it does radiate a golden shimmer in the sunlight. Piano lacquer adorns the new diamond grille, a lowered suspension and bespoke 20-inch wheels gives the drop-top Benz a sportier profile while flat LED taillights affords the rear a new look.

Performance upgrades sees the S Cabrio’s turbocharged V8 upped to 550 hp and 590 lb-ft, which equates to S550 levels of power, but Carlsson can work its magic across the S-Class lineup, including the range-topping S63 and S65. West African ebony can be found throughout the cabin, featuring most prominently on the deck, which comes covered in an open-pore veneer inspired by classic yachts. Combined with the Vintage Cognac colored nappa leather with body-matching green piping, Carlsson hopes the luxurious land yacht recreation of the Mercedes S-Class Convertible will convince people to part with between 214,000 and 336,000 Euros before tax (that's $227,000 and $357,000 at today’s rates).

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Considering the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet retails for around $320,000, that’s a significant chunk of change to pay for the mint-green Merc. For comparison's sake, check out the Mercedes S550 up close and personal: