Carlsson Tricks Out Slick Two-Tone GL

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The Mercedes specialists have released their latest project with a pair of photos.

German tuning firm Carlsson has been playing around with the GL-Class SUV, and here are the results. The Mercedes-Benz specialists have dubbed their new project the CGL 45 Royal Last Edition and packed it with extra power and some exclusive styling touches. Most immediately apparent is the paint scheme which Carlsson is offering in 36 color combinations, including this two-tone job. A body kit with flared fenders and a stainless-steel quad-tailpipe system also feature, with LED daytime running lights, a massive grille and 22" alloys.

The leather and Alcantara upholstery demands over 300 hours of labor to fit into the seven-seat interior, and can be specified in three different colors. Engine modifications paired with the new exhaust bring the V8's output up to 340 horsepower. The limited edition tuning program will be restricted to only 30 copies, available exclusively in China. With its eye-catching two-tone exterior finish, Carlsson's design is sure to stand out on the road wherever it is. For an idea of a Carlsson's more readily available mods for the GL, scope out the black model pictured at right.

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