Carmakers Hilariously Waged War Against Horses 100 Years Ago

Where do you think the term 'horsepower' came from?

The automobile is a fairly new invention, especially when taking into account the many centuries humanity relied upon horsed for land-based transportation. But it wasn’t so easy for carmakers 100 years ago to convince the general public to trade in their horses for one of the new "horseless carriages." In fact, carmakers literally taunted the horse in a massive PR campaign that ultimately worked. Issues such as less street congestion, faster transport times, and even less animal cruelty were highlighted.

In fact, carmakers coined the term "horsepower" in order to help win consumers over. Today, once again, we’re seeing the beginning of a new era: self-driving cars. The same bottom line argument to convince people to give up their horses for cars is now being used to push autonomous driving. Ironic.

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