Carolina Squat Officially Made Illegal in South Carolina

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Both Carolinas have dropped the ban hammer on this strange stance modification.

The strange and controversial pickup truck modification popularly known as the Carolina Squat will now be banned in South Carolina, WLTX reports. This was after the state's House of Representatives unanimously voted to eliminate this modification once and for all.

The Palmetto State's representative Henry McMaster signed the bill, officially adding the regulation to the law books. It will take effect in November this year. The legislation will add to the "Yankee Tax" announced earlier this year, which wanted to charge new residents for driving around in cars from other states.

First-time violators of this new law will be fined $100. A second offense will then net a fine of $200, while a third offense will lead to a $300 fine plus a year-long driver's license suspension.


Other states have gone on to prohibit this mod before. There's Senate Bill 777 which sought to ban them from highways in Virginia. North Carolina, meanwhile, made this mod illegal back in 2021. Of note, the modification originated in California, hence people sometimes refer to it as the California Lean.

As to what pushed South Carolina reps to finally drop the hammer on this weird type of stance mod, signs point toward the death of a pedestrian in Myrtle Beach. This was caused by a crash by one of these squatted trucks back in 2021.

There's also the fact that law enforcement thinks that the Carolina Squat can impede a truck driver's visibility, which is naturally dangerous. After all, this stance mod involves raising the vehicle's front end using half of a suspension lift kit while keeping the rear at stock height or even lower.


Besides being potentially dangerous for other road users, making one's Toyota Tacoma or Chevrolet Silverado face the sky can also cause accelerated wear and tear on the truck's suspension and other components. Many "squat kits" are not really considered safe.

While the Carolina Squat ban is now official, the fact remains that it is gaining popularity. Just look it up on popular social media sites and you'll find plenty of results for squatted truck groups going on so-called "takeovers" or "invasions." Most often than not, silly antics are involved in these meetups. Whether the infractions will lead to mass apprehension - such as when the cops stopped 45 supercars in Hong Kong last year - remains to be seen.


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