Carroll Shelby Gave Peter Brock Only One Requirement For The Cobra Daytona

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Hint: Shelby didn't care about its design.

In only 90 days Peter Brock and his small team were able to design and build the Shelby Cobra Daytona prototype. 90 days was all it took to create a legend. But that's not really what Shelby and Brock were thinking back in 1964. Their main goal was to find a way to make the 289 Cobra roadster go faster. Brock realized only a new coupe body design could make that possible. Several other improvements, such as a stiffened chassis followed, and the performance specs spoke for themselves.

For example, top speed increased from 165 mph to 185 mph. After seeing the car perform at Sebring, Ford decided to back the program, and Shelby headed off to Europe where the Cobra Daytona further cemented its place in history. But the Daytona's story is so much better when told by its creator, Peter Brock himself, in this superb new Hagerty-produced video.

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