Carroll Shelby's Personal Car Collection Can Soon Be Yours

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Caroll Shelby's eclectic car collection represents nearly a century of American automotive history.

Carroll Shelby is best known for introducing the Cobra to America, but over the years the automotive designer amassed an eclectic collection of cars. Some were cars that he developed, while others were cars he simply admired. On June 3, 23 vehicles from Carroll Shelby's personal car collection will be sold off at the Bonhams Greenwich Concours d'Elegance auction. Among the highlights representing nearly a century of American automotive history include a vintage 1927 Ford Model T and a 2008 Shelby GT500KR.

Every stage of Shelby's fabled career is chronicled. For example, several continuation series Cobras represent his early partnership with Ford, and there are, of course, a selection Mustangs showcasing his ability to turn the pony car into a thoroughbred including two 1969 Shelby GT 500s and a 1968 Shelby GT350. There's also a 1982 Dodge Charger prototype, which was the first car Shelby worked on with Chrysler. This paved the way for the Shelby Charger, which is also being auctioned. There are even a few rare prototypes such as a Shelby-modified Dodge Ram, which is certainly one of the more unusual cars in the auction lot.

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The real highlights, however, are the more obscure cars from his collection. These include two De Tomaso models, a 1983 Pantera and a 1987 GT5-S, as well as a 1955 DeSoto and the first ever example of the ill-fated Shelby Series 1. According to Autoblog, every car being sold will have no reserve price, so diehard fans of Caroll Shelby may want to take a trip to Greenwich in June.

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