Carrozzeria Builds Custom Roll Cage for BMW M3 Convertible

Owner clearly has plans to push his drop-top M3 hard on the track.

When a customer came rolling into its shop driving a E92 M3 Convertible asking for some vinyl work, a performance steering wheel, CSL trunk, and Recaro seats, Carrozzeria Carbon said no problem. But when he asked for a harness bar, the guys had to think about it. Eventually, it was decided to build a custom bolt-in cage and the results are pretty impressive. Exterior mods include a Duke Dynamics CSL trunk, matte black fender grills by AutoTecknic, BMW Performance carbon splitters and a vinyl wrap.

The M3 was also fitted with custom gloss-black alloys and a red tow hook strap by Macht Schnell. Inside, the custom roll cage was paired with a Recaro Pole Position seat, a BMW Performance Version I with blue strip steering wheel and AutoTecknik extension paddle shifters. Other mods range from H8 angel eyes and LED fender lights to a Meist SUS GT exhaust with titanium tips. Brembo brakes and KW suspension will be fitted later down the road.

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