Cars America Missed Out On: 2013 Ford Ranger

According to Ford, Americans don't like smaller pickups.

Internal data must have convinced Ford that Americans no longer want small or mid-size pickups. The best-selling (and full-size) F-150 will fill the void just fine. For those who want a smaller pickup, well, they’ll just have to head over to their Toyota, Nissan and now Chevy and GMC dealers. But that only affects those in the US. The rest of the world has been given an all-new Ford Ranger that not only looks great, but also offers a range of diesel and gasoline engines.

There’s even a six-speed manual available. But no, Americans supposedly don’t want something like that. We only like our pickup trucks big, according to Ford. Truly a shame, because this new Ranger has a rightful place in the US. Are you listening, Ford? It's still not too late to change your mind.

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