Cars America Missed Out On: Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Only Alfa Romeo could make a hatch look this good.

June 2014 will supposedly be when Alfa Romeo gets things up and running in the US. We’ve been promised a big return several times before, but this time Alfa says it’s real. Whenever it does happen, chances are we won’t be seeing the Giulietta hatchback reach our shores. Why is this a shame? Because the Giulietta is without question one of the most beautiful mainstream cars on the road today - in Europe, at least.

With a range of engine options, from a 1.4-liter four cylinder to several diesels, the Giulietta can be powered to fit many budgets and needs. But let’s get back to its striking appearance. Next to competitors such as the Ford Focus and VW Golf, the Giulietta’s elegant beauty is even more obvious. It’s not a hot hatch in terms of overall performance, but the Giulietta has true sex appeal even at a standstill. It’s an Alfa Romeo after all.

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