Cars America Missed Out On: Skoda Yeti


One of the best all-around crossovers is forbidden fruit in the US of A.

Yes, Skoda as a brand is not even sold in the US. Fortunately, most of its lineup consists of rebadged VWs. Those you can buy anywhere. Yet there's still one specific Skoda that's currently for sale that we'd love to have seen available in the US. The Skoda Yeti, as any Top Gear fan will know, holds a special place in Jeremy Clarkson's heart. He even had a helicopter land on one. While it may not look like all that much from the outside, the Yeti is a compact crossover that's related to the VW Tiguan.

Unlike the latter, the Yeti is sold for bargain shoppers; you get a lot in a small package. It's offered with a variety of gasoline and diesel engines (depending on the market) and offers plenty of interior space for both people and cargo. Even all-wheel-drive is available. Heck, even a six-speed manual is available, along with automatic and dual-clutch gearboxes. All told, Skoda has sold well over 100,000 Yetis since it debuted in 2009. It is, without question, the best all-around Skoda out there. In fact, it may be one of the best all-around cars on the market today.


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