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Cars America Missed Out On: Volvo V40

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This one is particularly painful.

Unlike its fellow Swedish carmaker, Saab, Volvo has proven itself to be a survivor. Sure, it's now owned by a Chinese company after being sold off by Ford. And yes, that means the shots aren't being called from Sweden. But still, Volvo is alive and well. Because of that, there's the newly launched V40 five-door hatchback. Available with both gasoline and diesel engines, this is without question one of the prettiest Volvos in years. They no longer look like bricks.

It's sleek and looks functional both inside and out. Think of the V40 as a more stylish, somewhat offbeat alternative to the VW Golf. So why doesn't Volvo bring it to the US? Good question. There are likely a number of reasons, one is that Americans still haven't fully embraced the hatchback. They prefer Volvo sedans and crossovers. But as the hatchback segment continues to gain in popularity in the US, there's always hope Volvo will change its mind.

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