Cars America Needs To Make Right-Hand Drive: The Ford F-150 Raptor

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Aussies will love this idea. Those in the UK maybe not so much.

It's not the craziest thing in the world to think that Chevrolet would benefit from making a right-hand-drive Camaro. It's also not super crazy to think Lincoln should do the same for its new Continental. However, we admit that saying the Ford F-150 Raptor should be offered in right-hand drive is a bit of a leap. That being said, we promise it'll all make sense if you stay with us. As it stands, Ford doesn't even sell the F-Series pickup in the world's biggest RHD markets: the UK and Australia.


So why do we think that a massive, off-roading pickup truck would do well in markets where its tamer sibling isn't even offered? Because the Raptor might have a shot at stealing sales from the luxury SUV crowd. We know that sounds crazy, but hear us out. Nowadays even the most upmarket luxury SUVs-as in the Bentley Bentayga-brag about having offroad capabilities. Now no one would ever dream of taking a $229,000 SUV off-road, but the idea is that you could. In a time where Bentley SUVs are bragging about dominating dirt roads could the Ford Raptor not try and tout its luxury capabilities? Remember that Ford actually knows a thing or two about luxury trucks and isn't afraid to sell them, at least stateside.

If you fully option the top-tier F-150 Limited you'll need to fork over $68,000. Imagine if some of those luxury accoutrements made it over to the Raptor, though. A Ford pickup might sound more appealing to taste-conscious Brits if it also packed Mojave leather seats (that heat, cool and massage!), a panoramic vista roof, 10-speaker sound system and chrome exhaust tips. Oh, and it would also offer a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 good for somewhere near 450 horsepower. A new 10-speed automatic transmission and a weight loss of 500 pounds should help to ease the pain at the pump. If all that was offered for about $60,000 the right-hand-drive Raptor might at least make those in the UK think twice about one of Land Rover's offerings.


Hell, the Raptor might even be better than anything JLR offers when it comes to going off-road and functionality, aka acting as anything other than a family hauler. The Raptor is already made in limited numbers so Ford could offer it as a halo car of sorts to drive Ranger sales. The right-hand-drive Raptor would face a tough time gaining acceptance from those across the pond, but we think it'd do just fine in Australia. Three of Australia's top 10 selling cars of 2015 were pickups! That being said Ford is ceasing local manufacturing so the Raptor might be a bit pricier than Aussies would like. Still, what other car would you rather storm the Outback in?

Not every car that's a hit in America is a hit overseas. However, the line between luxury trucks and SUVs is getting so blurry that we think a Ford F-150 Raptor cruising around London wouldn't be the world's oddest sight, although Jeremy Clarkson probably wouldn't be caught dead in one. The Raptor is an objectively awesome vehicle and Ford should give those who drive on the opposite side of the road the chance to own one. After all, if Mercedes is doing it then why can't Ford?


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