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Cars And Coffee Descends Into Chaos As Bikers Attack McLaren 720S

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There just simply can't be a drama-free Cars and Coffee can there?

Cars and Coffee never seems to cease being the source of stories regarding automobile-related ills, although typically they involve Mustangs and the occasional Camaro rather than six-figure supercars. In this case, the video depicts an incident that took place as cars were leaving the Palm Beach Cars and Coffee event. As the video description and accompanying Reddit post explains, the motorcycle drivers here seem to be in the wrong in both our eyes and those of the law.

The video begins when the drama is just winding up. Apparently, for one reason or another, the bikers cut off the new McLaren 720S and proceed to block its driver in. The driver then exits the car but makes the mistake of forgetting to put on the parking brake. Being a McLaren, there is no "Park" mode on the transmission.

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Instead, there's only "Neutral" that then must be accompanied by applying the parking brake. The woman driving the McLaren forgot to engage that, causing the $288,000 supercar to roll forward and knock one of the bikes over. The motorcyclists then begin punching and kicking the McLaren, causing damage and scaring the driver when they attempted to punch her as well. She does the responsible thing, getting in the car and driving off. Bad move on the biker's part. Instead of a McLaren owner being responsible for damage on a bike (obviously they can afford to cover damages), the bikers are now responsible for damaging carbon fiber components that likely cost as much as their entire bikes do.