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The third Cars and Coffee gathering held in Saudi Arabia was recently hosted by Superior Automotive, blasting down the highway to Bahrain under police escort.

The combination of petrodollars and cheap gas has resulted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia becoming a hotbed of hypercars, supercars, performance SUVs and super sedans, a large selection of which recently gathered for a Cars and Coffee meet at Sunset Beach in the city of Khobar. After firing up and revving their rides to impress the locals, a convoy of around 30 exotics, with police escort in tow, drove to neighboring Bahrain "at mindblowing speeds" on the King Fahad causeway, closed off specially for the event.

Here's a selection of some of the best cars on show, including a Gulf liveried Ford GT, an Aventador and McLaren 12C as well as a video of the supercar convoy en route to Bahrain for a closing dinner. (Photos courtesy of Superior Automotive.)

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