Cars & Coffee Torino Pagani Special

Small village in Northern Italy welcomes over 100 beautiful exotics including an array of Paganis.

Each Sunday,Cars and Coffee Torino welcomes a host of exotic supercars to a locationsomewhere in the surrounds of Turin in northern Italy. Last weekend made for anextra thrilling outing, as the supercar club held a Pagani special at theRomantik Hotel Furno. Over 120cars gathered at the grounds of the four-star hotel, such as a beautiful bluePagani Huayra and black carbon-fiber Zonda S, a Porsche Carrera GT, acouple of Alfa Romeo 8Cs and Dodge Vipers, a Mercedes SLS and around 30 Ferraris including an Enzo with an FXX rear wing, a Testarossa, 458 Italia, and 360 CS.

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