Cars Dance Through UK's Biggest Sea Foam Party

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It's been a weekend of partying, and in a quiet seaside town cars were treated to an all-natural foam fest.

Snow-covered roads are expected at this time of year, especially in parts of Britain. This winter, however, the country has been enjoying unseasonably warm weather. So what's wrong with this picture? After a fierce windstorm with gusts reaching 130mph, the Irish Sea along the Fylde coast was whipped up and blown onshore, covering roads and traffic in a knee-high layer of white foam with the consistency of the head of a pint of Guinness.

It seems like a foam party has gotten out of control and spilled into the streets of the northwest seaside town of Cleveleys. However, its simply a natural phenomena known as spume, or sea foam, made from decaying algae in the sea.

Giving one's car a salt-foam bath is never a good idea, so here's hoping the drivers caught up in the organic white whip cleaned their vehicles before they were stripped to the bone.

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