Cars Just Can't Stop Crashing Out On This Treacherous Rally Corner

You almost don't want the rally drivers to crash.

Rally racing is always fun to watch, although sometimes the crashes can be very brutal. This corner from the 2016 Jari-Pekka Rally in Finland takes no prisoners. Onecar flips over too many times to count, which hopefully leaves the driver OK as it is incredibly crazy to watch. If a corner could have notches on its bedpost, the notches would be for how many cars it’s claimed. The corner in this video would have a carved up bedpost with too many damn notches to count. Just imagine how many crashes weren't caught on film!

Also if you ever wanted to see teams of people tip cars back over that is on full display here. Just try to concentrate. It can be difficult to see exactly what’s happening with all the snow flying off in every direction.

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