Cars That Attract Women: Jaguar XK

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Stylish, luxurious and quick, it's difficult to find a single thing to dislike about the XK.

Some of you aren't going to like hearing this and many will refuse to believe it, but supercars are not a great way to meet women. They are a great way to meet guys, and those who need further evidence can check out Motor Trend/Hot Rod Magazine's web show Roadkill, as they have experimented with this phenomenon and I just don't have the space to go into it. The cars here are those which consistently rated high in surveys about which cars get women's attention.

We did leave out the number 2 car, the Jeep Wrangler, and the number 4 car, the Maserati GranTurismo, simply because we already covered those in other series. Just thought you should know they're options. So we start with the Jaguar XK, which is in the number one slot for a reason. This is a very nice car, but it isn't trying too hard. It is sleek and stylish without any of that "look at me" styling you'd get in a Gallardo. It is the convertible version of the car which you should be considering in order to attract the fairer sex. This actually brings up what we promise will be our last statement about the series as a whole, always go for the convertible.

All of the cars in this series which come in a drop-top have this listed as the preferred version, just so you know. The XK is the venerable old marque's GT car, and it is a surprisingly good value for money. Don't get me wrong, the price of $83,000 isn't exactly economical, but you could pay a lot more for essentially the same thing from another manufacturer. The XK has a short options list, and so many of the goodies that other brands charge a fortune for are standard on the XK. So all of that lovely wood and leather Jaguar-ness is built into every car. There is no cheapo V6 and cloth seats version which aims to impress from the outside while lacking the car's real substance.

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Handout, Jaguar

It is a car which delivers what it promises, and I've heard women do appreciate honesty. The original engine was a 4.2-liter V8 which produced 300 horsepower, but this has been upgraded to a 380-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 as of the 2010 model year. Jaguar also makes a supercharged version with 503 horsepower in the XKR and 542 horsepower in the XKR-S. The S model might get you into that territory where it starts to look as though you're trying too hard, but an XKR is a pretty good mix of comfort and tire-shredding performance. We are presently on the second generation of the XK.

The first generation was launched as a replacement for the lovable but thoroughly obsolete XJS. This car would actually be rebadged and sold as the Aston Martin DB7. Aston might have moved the DB series quite a bit forward since then, but the current XK is still an evolution of a car deemed good enough to be sold with an Aston Martin badge. That $83,000 price tag is all the more appealing once you consider this. The XK isn't quite as good looking as the DB9 but it is by no means unattractive. Jaguar made an effort to blend traditional cues from the old E-Type with some more modern features, and they came away with a highly appealing design.


The car's designer, Ian Callum, has said the inspiration for the car's gracious curves was actress Kate Winslet. This could mean you'll end up attracting a particular type of woman with this car, but it would also be easy to overthink this. What it really comes down to with the XK is that it is a car for someone with refined tastes. The XK owner is not concerned with "swag", as he knows that a real lady prefers sophistication. He likes nice and stylish things but is not so insecure that he needs to show off. It's not difficult to see why this kind of image would make the owner of such a car appealing to women. But even if it wasn't the XK is still quite a nice car, and its number one ranking on this list is just an extra bonus.

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