Cars That Attract Women: Range Rover

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You can't beat the classics, and the Range Rover in particular is unbeatable.

If you are aware of the existence of the Range Rover but still think that a Cadillac Escalade is the SUV of choice for picking up women, you have my pity. Trying too hard is a good way to fail at winning the affections of a lady, and the Escalade is just simply trying a lot harder than a Range Rover. The Range Rover makes the blend of luxury and utility more seamless than in any other vehicle, and while you're behind the wheel, you might wonder why anyone else even bothers to try.

The outgoing generation, which is ten years old, is only the vehicle's third generation since its introduction in 1970. The Range Rover is simply that good that very few changes have been needed over the years, and yet the sales keep coming. Originally, the Range Rover wasn't intended as a luxury vehicle. It was simply a 4x4 which had more sophisticated on-road handing, and was something you could drive to the grocery store or the office if you wanted to. The seats were vinyl, the dashboard plastic and all of it could be hosed down if you needed to.

Land Rover soon discovered that quite a lot of people were taking them to the grocery store and the office, and that adding some luxury touches to the interior and hiking up the price helped out a lot with sales. Significant changes were made to the Range Rover over the 25 years of its first generation, but it was with the second generation in 1995 that the Range Rover really took on its present role at the top of the Land Rover lineup as a proper luxury vehicle. The move upmarket continued with the third generation, and the Range Rover is now an $80,000 big box of luxury.

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What makes the Range Rover such an excellent vehicle for this list is that it is a mix of the strong points of several other of the vehicles. It is about as luxurious as the Jaguar XK for the same price and you also get that capable and rugged image that comes with the Raptor or Wrangler. Perhaps not as much, but probably as much as is necessary. But there is no shame in losing to the best, and the Range Rover is in fact one of the best off-roaders in the world. Whether you want to take it off road, risk scratching the paint or getting mud all over that lovely interior is up to you, but you will at least give off the appearance that you could if you wanted to.

The engine started out as a Rover V8 which was a mildly tweaked version of a Buick design. The Range Rover held onto this engine for some time, but eventually would offer a wide variety of engines from BMW, Jaguar and Ford. The current range-topping engine is a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 which produces 510 horsepower. And the top-of-the-line Range Rover which one can get it in is the Autobiography Ultimate Edition, which will set you back $170,000. That is quite a bit, but the current Range Rover is on its way out, to be replaced next year, so Land Rover are giving it an insanely-priced sendoff.

But even with this edition, the luxury handling is sophisticated without being flashy. It's hardly surprising that it is British luxury cars which have made up the bulk of the luxury cars on this list thus far, and the Range Rover earned its spot by displaying the same qualities as the rest of them. This is really what it comes down to once again. The Range Rover is a nice car which doesn't feel the need to show off. Let the insecure worry about flash. The Range Rover is never an inappropriate vehicle to turn up in, except for maybe a Greenpeace rally, use the Leaf for that.

But as we've mentioned before, there are different kinds of vehicles which will attract different sorts of women, but the Range Rover is probably going to be the most universal of all of these. Being sophisticated and useful at the same time is quite obviously very appealing.

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