Cars That Need Competition: Chevrolet Needs To Build A Mid-Engined Corvette To Take On Porsche

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Having the title of being America's sports car is something that the Chevrolet Corvette has always upheld in the best way possible. Previous generations were obviously more performance oriented with interiors that were more spartan than horse-drawn carriages. The latest generation of the Corvette, however, is an incredible bargain since it has the performance to keep up with more expensive cars, while being able to actually keep passengers comfortable. But it's not enough.

To truly take the Corvette to another level, Chevrolet needs a mid-engined version and now is the time. In its most potent form, the Corvette Z06 is a complete beast. The high-performance sports car features a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that generates an amazing 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. That's enough for the vehicle to be considered a supercar, but, for some odd reason, enthusiasts still refer to the vehicle as a sports car. One would think that 650 hp and a zero to 60 mph time of 3.0 seconds would lift the American brute into the exotic supercar section, but no. In fact, I find it kind of odd that people consider the Porsche 911 Turbo S as a supercar, but still can't mutter the three-syllable word after mentioning the Corvette Z06.

To bring the Corvette out of the mindset of being a car that Americans win after winning the lottery, Chevrolet needs to move the engine right behind the driver's head. By doing this, the Corvette would ditch its humble sports car roots and finally be considered in the same league as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. And why shouldn't it? With the price of the Corvette Z06 going into six-figure territory, it's safe to assume that drivers would be okay with paying a little bit extra to get a proper supercar that has the engine in the middle of the vehicle. With Porsche and Ferrari turbocharging its vehicles, it's the perfect time for Chevrolet to make a drastic change with the Corvette.

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Yes, the Corvette's characteristics would be altered. From a design perspective, the hood wouldn't have to be as long as previous models, while the rear end would presumably be a little more prominent. By moving the engine to the middle of the car, we would hope that the brand would look into increasing performance to a higher level. Lastly, more enthusiasts would consider the Corvette as a purer car with the engine in the middle-as in the never-ending debate between the Porsche Cayman and 911. With Ferrari and Porsche looking to make its cars even more powerful and faster, it's the perfect time to bring the Corvette out to play with the big boys and a mid-engined layout is the perfect way to do that.

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