Cars That Need Competition: Subaru Desperately Needs To Take Down The Focus RS


To take down the mighty Fords.

The hot hatch segment is heating up in the US as enthusiasts are finally realizing that high-performance hatchbacks are sports cars in disguise. However, Ford owns the entire market with its offerings. The Ford Fiesta ST, Focus ST and Focus RS are hatchbacks that are making enthusiasts convert from traditional sports cars. Volkswagen and even Honda are in the fray with the Golf R and Civic Type R. The Focus RS and Golf R are all-wheel-drive monsters with turbos, which is what Subaru shines at making.


With Ford owning the hot hatch segment, we think it's time for Subaru to come back with a hatchback variant of the WRX. All-wheel drive, turbocharged vehicles are Subaru's bread and butter. Seriously, this is the perfect way to knock Ford off its pedestal. The Fiesta ST is arguably the more enthusiast focused hatchback and, thanks to its more affordable price tag and driving characteristics, is more loved than the Focus ST. A hatchback variant of the WRX would be able to go toe-to-toe with the Fiesta ST and Focus ST, while leaving room for an even more powerful, faster version. With more enthusiasts looking towards hatchbacks, it's a win-win for everyone.


With a regular WRX hatchback, Subaru would be able to take on Ford's entry-level hatchbacks. Where the real magic happens is with a WRX STI version of the hatchback that would be able to give the Focus RS, Golf R and Civic Type R a run for their money. Just picture it, a rally-bred, track-focused, enjoyable hatchback to take the fight to Ford and its hatchbacks. That would be a great thing for Subaru. Don't get us wrong. We absolutely love Ford's sporty hatchbacks, but a little competition from one of most enthusiast-centered automakers wouldn't be such a bad thing. Plus there are some of us that enjoy driving on dirt roads.


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