Cars Will Soon Be Able To Pay For Fuel, Tolls, And Parking

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Never take out your wallet again.

Before Google and Apple dominated the smartphone market, Blackberry's phones were extremely popular with businesspeople. After pulling out of the market, the company now develops communications and security software, as well as operating systems. In the auto industry, Blackberry's QNX platform powers Jaguar Land Rover's latest Pivi Pro system used in models like the Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Velar. Now, Blackberry is working on a new in-car payment service for connected cars that will effectively turn your car into a mobile wallet.

The new system is being developed as part of a partnership between Blackberry and Car IQ, a contactless payment system that enables connected cars to pay for services without the driver needing to carry a payment card around. Using Blackberry's IVY software and Car IQ's authentication technology, the system will create a "digital fingerprint" for the vehicle.

Land Rover
Land Rover

Each car will have its own digital wallet that uses Car IQ to securely connect to a bank's payment network and autonomously pay for services such as fuel, tolls, parking, insurance, and maintenance. It sounds similar to General Motors' Marketplace and Stellantis' Uconnect Market systems that let you remotely pay for gas and other services, but Blackberry hasn't announced which automakers will support this more advanced system.

"We are delighted to demonstrate the value of BlackBerry IVY's end-to-end offering for this market through our partnership with Car IQ," said Peter Virk, Vice President of IVY Product and Ecosystem, BlackBerry. "Access to sensor data and edge computing will allow for an incredibly secure in-vehicle payments solution."

Steering Wheel Design Jaguar
Infotainment System Jaguar
Central Control Panel Jaguar

"We are excited to accelerate the time-to-market of our latest in-vehicle payment solution and to capture share of the connected car payments market by leveraging the BlackBerry IVY platform," said Sterling Pratz, CEO and founder of Car IQ. "With BlackBerry IVY we can now fully embed our solution on a common platform in the vehicle, allowing us to not only provide the highest level of security, but also greatly reduce complexity for banks and merchants."

"Fleet managers, shared vehicle operators and individual vehicle owners will benefit from greater convenience and secure management of transactions as the next wave of connected vehicle technology integrates more closely with merchant platforms for cashless and cardless payments," said Lee Colman, Chief Production Officer of global automotive technology analyst firm SBD Automotive. "Undisputable identification of the vehicle and/or driver leveraging seamless vehicle sensor technology at the point of sale underpinned by security creates further efficiencies for the entire fleet value chain."

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Side Angle Driving Jaguar

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