Casio Pays Tribute To Honda Racing With Affordable Edifice Watch

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It uses the same red paint as Honda's iconic Type R badges.

Cars and watches go together like Florida Man and Darwinism. Problem is, car-related watches are usually ridiculously expensive. Ferrari teamed up with Richard Mille to create the UP-01 timepiece, which retails for $2 million.

Teaming up with Honda appears to be the secret to producing a classic yet affordable watch. Earlier this year, Seiko launched a matching watch for the upcoming Civic Type R. The Seiko Astron retails for roughly $1,700, but at least it's not more expensive than the actual car (you might want to look into that, Ferrari).

Casio has now emerged as our savior with the all-new Edifice EQB-2000HR.


Although the price for the EQB-2000HR has not been revealed yet, previous collaboration models retailed for $250 to $300. That's easily within reach of most Honda owners. Even a 2001 HR-V owner could afford to get one of these Honda Racing-inspired pieces - not that we have anything against owners of the quirky family car.

The EQB-2000HR has several unique touches. The red color used on the dial is the exact same scarlet shade that Honda uses for its famous red badges. Honda's red badges are reserved for the sportiest models, including the Type R.

This particular watch is based on an existing platform known as the EQB-2000. The latter's design was inspired by the suspension arms on F1 cars, and Casio has added some new touches to make the EQB-2000HR unique to Honda.


The red Honda logo dates back to 1964, when it was first used on an F1 car. As you can see in the image, the X at the center of the dial is the same color. The timepiece also features the new Honda Racing Corporation logo, which was updated earlier this year. It's located at 3 o'clock on the dial. A logo commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Suzuka Circuit's establishment in 1962 by Honda is engraved on the case back.

The band is made from Alcantara, which is made in Italy as it should be. According to Casio, Alcantara is known for its excellent durability, breathability, and comfortable feel. We know from experience that Alcantara can get pretty nasty if you sweat a lot, so you might want to order some proper cleaner along with the watch.


The Alcantara is also another nice tie-in with the 2023 Civic Type R interior. We expect Alcantara to be an optional extra, as pre-production models were spied with an Alcantara steering wheel. It's currently not part of the US-spec car's standard features.

The ECB-2000HR uses a solar charging system, but it can also be charged from an external source. It offers the best of both old and new, as you can pair it to a smartphone via Bluetooth. If you travel across time zones, the watch will automatically adjust the time. You can also transfer stopwatch data from the watch to your phone, just in case you want to brag about lap times on social media, making this the ideal enthusiasts' watch. And with an assumed reasonable price, it's not pretentious either. We'll take two, please.


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