Catching Fire: Toyota Seats Could Burn Your Ass

Blame the bad seat fabric.

Toyota isn’t exactly the quickest when it comes to issuing quick recalls. We all know about the sudden acceleration debacle a few years ago. And while that hasn’t been forgotten, it appears that Toyota has yet another problem on its hands. According to official sources, Toyota has ordered its North American dealers to immediately stop selling nearly every model in its lineup that come equipped with seat heaters.

The affected models include certain 2013 and 2014 Camrys, Camry hybrid, Avalon, Avalon hybrid, Corolla, Sienna, Tundra, and Tacoma. So what’s the problem exactly? All of these models are equipped with seat heaters made since August 2012, when Toyota switched fabric suppliers. South Korean safety officials have now informed Toyota that this new seat material didn’t meet fire retardation standards. So yes, it’s possible these seats will literally set your ass on fire, or something much worse. Fortunately there haven’t been any reported incidents and/or injuries and Toyota immediately informed the NHTSA about the problem. It is now waiting for the government agency’s decision on whether to issue a recall.

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